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11th April, 2017 by Richard Fountain
The ICSC is a two-day conference full of fresh insight, cutting-edge trends and unrivalled networking. Join us from the 24-25 April, at the Hilton Warsaw to discover the future of centre management and receive a free demo of our feature product – the RetailReport.
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15th March, 2017 by Richard Fountain
Entire Data, Retail Report’s parent company, is shortlisted for the Analytics product of the year. Entire Data witnessed the rapid growth of data within organisations and it became clear to them that automation could improve the efficiencies of company processes.
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30th January, 2017 by Richard Fountain
Retail technology is evolving - online and offline shopping are no longer separate entities. The physical brick-and-mortar store is under threat and must adapt to maintain customer loyalty. To combat the online sales trend, retailers are focusing on a combination of improving convenience and the overall in-store experience.
Robots in Retail: Are we being replaced?
27th September, 2016 by Richard Fountain
We have been preconditioned to fear an inevitable robot take over. Sci-Fi disaster movies such as A.I. or i-Robot may seem like a distant, disconnected future but really, robots are being used more often than we may realise.
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8th September, 2016 by Richard Fountain
Join us at the BCSC exhibition in Manchester on the 14th & 15th September to discover the endless possibilities of Retail Report, Entire Data's exciting new product for the Retail Industry.
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15th March, 2016 by Richard Fountain
As social media has been around for a while, it’s easy to think that businesses would be very aware of its power and capabilities. But in fact nothing could be further from the truth, as the vast majority of businesses do not use social media to anywhere near its full potential.

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