Data collection and analytics is essential for operating a portfolio of retail stores

As the owner of a large portfolio of assets or just one property, automatic data collection and robust analytics are imperative for success. Whether an investment fund or an owner operator, the data generated from your asset is an essential ingredient for maximizing the yield from your investment. Being a Landlord, you are often far removed from the day to day management of your asset. RetailReport provides a transparent window into the heart of your operation, meaning you can stay up to date on the status of your investment automatically and in real time.



RetailReport automatically monitors the performance of your assets, including key sales data versus operating costs, alerting you as soon as a potential issue is detected. This allows you to efficiently manage your assets, assessing which are viable and which need attention.



RetailReport monitors your asset 24/7, both on-site and online, allowing you to keep tabs on your properties around the clock, all from one cloud dashboard, available on any device.



Be alerted immediately when something exceptional happens at one of your assets. Alerts are sent automatically by email, text or telephone call, meaning you are never out of the loop on the status of your investment.



Reports can be automatically generated and sent to stakeholders, providing you with incredible insights into your property. Sales data is presented in easy to understand, concise formats that allow for transparency into your asset.



RetailReport keeps you updated on every aspect of your property, including forecasting for the future. We automatically and accurately forecast future performance, allowing you to forward plan, assess tenant viability and stay ahead of the competition.