Automatically collect and shape data from just about any system or service including Car Parks, Sales, Public Wi-Fi, Social Media and more.


Manage, analyse, report and forecast on an entire portfolio or a single Shopping Centre

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Automatic data collection and robust analytics is essential for every business, and this is especially true when managing a large portfolio of assets. RetailReport is currently the only service that automatically collects and shapes data from just about any system or service, and then actions, alerts, reports and forecasts live in real time. Possible data collection channels include footfall, Car Parks, Sales, Public Wi-Fi, Social Media and more.

Our service is currently wider reaching than any other in the BI market, with a host of tools and features for the various stakeholders.



RetailReport has a range of in-built tools that allow you to manage each asset's dependencies and staff. Monitor the performance of multiple shopping centres, managed buildings, F&B and hotels, all within the same cloud dashboard.



You can't be in multiple places at one time, which is why RetailReport monitors your data and systems 24/7, keeping tabs on your portfolio around the clock.



Never again will you miss something important at one of your sites, as RetailReport automatically alerts you by text, email or telephone call when something exceptional happens or your data falls out of the expected range.



Data is shaped automatically using our unique and bespoke algorithms, providing incredible insights and transparency into your portfolio. Beautifully crafted reports are automatically created, replacing the need for multiple spreadsheets, which can then be scheduled to be sent to stakeholders.



RetailReport's unique algorithms provide accurate and real-time forecasts, keeping you ahead of the competition and allowing you to manage your assets to the highest possible standard.