Management & Operations

Manage your centre from a single cloud portal

Oversee and manage your Centre from one cloud based dashboard, including key areas such as leasing and occupational costs, retailer management and performance, sales data collection and reporting, plus easily distribute important documents to retailers such as fire risk assessments and key holder information, all stored securely in one central location

Keep tabs on your car park figures and receive alerts if something exceptional happens.


Each unit is mapped and categorized within the Centre portal. All relevant information is documented including Tenants, Rates, Service Charge, Leasing, Size, Location, EPC, GOADs and other documents. Being able to manage and automatically record all events that relate to a given unit is essential in being able to build a true record of events within a Shopping Centre. The Retail Report service provides an accurate and detailed timeline for each unit, not only providing a snapshot of today, but enabling the various stakeholders to make informed decisions when deciding a future tenant’s viability too.

Property Management

It may not be blindingly apparent as to the advantages of utilising software to manage a property portfolio. Technology and innovation are not usually terms associated with landlords or their managing agents, as they prefer more traditional ways to manage their assets. Plus, they are generally cost averse of course!

Apart from the above the actual software that has been available to date has tended to be quite limited, usually focusing on one or two parts of the operation. One of the key challenges has been how to connect the software to the physical assets, and to the systems and services installed at the various sites, such as BMS, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarms and so on. Gaining access to these mission critical systems, to monitor, manage, and then to collect and analyse the data, is incredibly useful.

Entire Data has a range of cloud based modular and scalable software applications which can manage the largest of portfolios, even including mixed asset types such as shopping centres, managed buildings or restaurants etc. Never before has there been one software application which can monitor, manage, analyse, alert and report, on virtually every facet of a property portfolio. Whether you are a landlord, management company, surveyor, on site management team or retailer, the Retail Report solution can transform the way you work.


Each Retailer is given a unique account within the Retail Report portal. Key information about each retailer is recorded including Key holders, Managers, opening times, trading performance etc. Much of the information is captured automatically saving the valuable time of the Centre Management team. The staff in many retail stores can be transient, so keeping tabs on the comings and goings is kept very simple within the Retail report portal. There is also an innovative “Drag and Drop” document management system, which makes it easy to share important documents with each retailer or all tenants within a Centre

The dedicated Retailer portal provides customisable live data feeds about the centre’s performance as an incentive to encourage retailers to submit their sales information through the portal. Communicate effectively with retailers, particularly in a crisis.


Any successful operation depends on good communications, and our comprehensive communication tool uses the latest technology to keep all stakeholders up to date and in touch. Communicate with all of your retailers or tenants at the touch of a button. Whether a general update, or in the event of a disaster using our Crisis Management tool. Create custom distribution groups for the various parties, such as Retailers, Suppliers, Management, Security etc. Also create groups depending on event type, such as Flood, Fire, Terror etc. And at the touch of a button automatically send out communications via Text SMS, automated telephone call or email.

Retailer communications have traditionally been challenging due to the transient nature of the retail sector. Our tool enables the security team to keep retailer information up to date using virtually any mobile tablet or telephone, and our dedicated retailer portal enables retailers to “Self-Serve” by incentivising them to use the service with access to valuable data and insights.

Unit Inspections

Day to day administration takes up a large portion of the Centre Management team’s time such as handing out Fire Risk Assessments, EPC certificates, or other in-Centre announcements. The Retail Report service includes a comprehensive Document Management system, which enables the Centre management team to easily distribute and share documents with retailers

Crisis Management

The Retail Report Crisis Management tool is probably one of the most powerful modules within the service. The Crisis Management tool enables any member of staff to alert all of the various stakeholders to an important issue. Whether that be a Bomb scare, fire or flood. Once the event has been logged within the portal, automated alerts are sent out via text, automated call or email (depending on the severity).

Imagine a flood at 3am. With Retail Report the on-site team are able to notify all of the various stakeholders to the problem in just a few seconds. The Retail Report not only calls automatically, but allows the call’s recipient to acknowledge and respond to the alert via their keypad.

Document Management

Day to day administration takes up a large portion of the Centre Management team’s time such as handing out Fire Risk Assessments, EPC certificates, or other in-Centre announcements. The Retail Report service includes a comprehensive Document Management system, which enables the Centre management team to easily distribute and share documents with retailers

Sales Data Collection

Obtaining accurate retailer sales information is essential for monitoring Shopping Centre performance. The Retail Report service offers the most comprehensive sales data collection service available. This includes sales data collection via automated telephone calls, text messages and emails, as well as a dedicated Cloud based retailer portal. It is also possible for Centre Management staff to enter sales data manually, using virtually any mobile device via a user friendly graphical interface. Included is a full size interactive map of the Centre, enabling Centre staff to easily identify and locate retailer units and enter sales data on the spot.

Premium Data Collection Service

Our automated sales data collection service is the most comprehensive available. However, we appreciate that even the most comprehensive automated tool can still be enhanced by the human touch. Retail Report offers a premium sales collection service. Our dedicated team of specially experienced advisors contact retailers by telephone and collect sales information manually. They work to forge a relationship with retailers, and promote the use of our free dedicated Retailer portal, which provides retailers with valuable insights and access to various data feeds. 

Our premium sales data collection service works in unison with the on site centre management, to become an extension of the in-house team. Working in partnership is essential forcollecting the highest possible percentage of retailer sales data. 

Submit sales figures easily through the Retail Report portal.


Gain insight into your shopping centre, so you can focus on maximising its potential

Sales Data Collection

The most comprehensive sales data collection service available


Capture marketing data to Pinpoint how effective your activities are