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Monitoring the performance of a shopping centre is pivotal in being able to identify whether a centre is being run at its optimal potential. At first glance, one could be forgiven in thinking that a centre with little or no empty units is successful. However, returning a healthy and consistent yield is not just about keeping units occupied, but also ensuring the maximum rental income is being achieved. The key to achieving this is to be able to monitor the raw performance data generated across the centre. RetailReport is the only service that is able to automatically collect all data from any part of your business and display it in one single Cloud portal. Not only that, but it can also automatically analyze, monitor, alert, report and forecast using a collection of unique and innovative algorithms.

Easily input your sales figures within the Retail Report portal.


Obtaining accurate retailer sales information is essential for monitoring Shopping Centre performance. The Retail Report service offers the most comprehensive sales data collection service available. This includes sales data collection via automated telephone calls, text messages and emails, as well as a dedicated Cloud based retailer portal. It is also possible for Centre Management staff to enter sales data manually, using virtually any mobile device via a user friendly graphical interface. Included is a full size interactive map of the Centre, enabling Centre staff to easily identify and locate retailer units and enter sales data on the spot.


Our automated sales data collection service is the most comprehensive available. However, we appreciate that even the most comprehensive automated tool can still be enhanced by the human touch. RetailReport offers a premium sales collection service. Our dedicated team of specially experienced advisors contact retailers by telephone and collect sales information manually. They work to forge a relationship with retailers, and promote the use of our free dedicated Retailer portal, which provides retailers with valuable insights and access to various data feeds. 

Our premium sales data collection service works in unison with the on site centre management, to become an extension of the in-house team. Working in partnership is essential forcollecting the highest possible percentage of retailer sales data. 

Retailer Buy-In


We fully appreciate the need to incentivise retailers to provide sales data, and how sensitive this can be. Which is why we offer a wide variety of ways for a retailer to submit sales data, using our automated sales data collection services. We also offer each retailer access to their own unique Cloud based web portal that provides them with insights to the Centre’s and their stores’ performance. This includes Sales, Footfall and Car Park data, as well as ancillary information such as Weather, Traffic, Travel, and Retail News from their business sector.

Sale Data Accuracy & Consistency


Collecting sales data is just one part of the process of obtaining accurate insights in to a Centre’s performance. Using our bespoke and unique algorithms we ensure that the data collected is consistent and accurate. In the event that a figure falls outside of the expected range, an automated alert is triggered to let the various stakeholders know. Also, in the event that a retailer does not provide data in a given period, there is an option to turn on an “Auto-Estimate” function, so that an accurate estimate will be provided automatically.

Sales Reporting


As part of our comprehensive reporting package, sales data is presented in easy to understand concise reports. Fully customisable reports are automatically generated and are emailed out to the various interested parties. It is also possible to combine the sales data alongside other key performance metrics such as Footfall and Car Parking etc. In fact, by using the Retail Report “Compare Tool”, it is possible to combine just about any type of performance data into one easy to read report.

Mall Commercialisation


Our Mall Commercialisation module allows you to efficiently and easily manage the various secondary revenue streams from your Centre. This may be from kiosks, promotions, stalls, coin operated machines, display advertising, digital media or advertising.

Rather than paying for an expensive external agency, our self-service utility can manage the whole process from initial enquiry to post event feedback. Our tool integrates with the Centre website to automatically advertise available spaces and has an online booking function.

Our comprehensive reporting function allows you to easily see what is working for you, so that you can optimise and make efficiencies to maximise this valuable stream of additional revenue.

Tenant Viability


One of the key pieces of the jigsaw when trying to optimize an asset, is being able to quickly assess the viability of a tenant. Whether a small scale operator or a leading brand, there is no guarantee of success. Therefore, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse by monitoring key sales data versus operating costs. The ability to automate raw data collection combined with unique algorithms, enables a Centre management team to assess and monitor the viability of a retailer like never before. Retail Report actively alerts the management team or landlord as soon as a potential issue is detected. Early detection enables both landlord and tenant to take action to prevent a potential disaster

Our service also includes a facility to record audited figures, and upload certificates if required. This feature is ideal for turnover based rents, and can forecast and alert when a retailers performance is projected to fall below the required level to meet the rent due.

Public Wi-Fi


Often unavailable or overlooked, Public Wi-Fi can be a far more valuable and accurate indicator of visitor numbers than traditional Footfall. Modern Public Wi-Fi solutions can detect and count wireless enabled devices even if they do not connect to the service. The added benefit with public Wi-Fi data is that it is possible to calculate visitor dwell times and loyalty (repeat visits). There is also the potential to track a visitor’s path through the Centre, which can be invaluable when trying to improve shopper experience, and boost sales.

The one small down side of counting people with Wi-Fi is that around 70% of devices may have the Wi-Fi tuned on, meaning some cannot be counted. However, being able to accurately count 70% of all footfall is a significant improvement on standard Footfall counters.

The Retail Report service can integrate with most leading Public Wi-Fi systems to collect data automatically and use our unique algorithms to analyse. Our parent company ITVET, is a leading provider of Public Wi-Fi systems, specializing in the market leading Cisco Meraki Cloud based solution. When combined the two solutions provide an unequivocal level of location analytics.

Website Statistics


Collecting statistics from the Centre website is usually left to the marketing team and is not always shared with the on-site management team. Our service automatically collects data from the Centre website and displays not just visitor numbers, but also their location based upon their IP address. This makes it very easy to identify the Centre’s catchment area. Plus, the visitor numbers are a key indicator of how successful online marketing campaigns have been. When combined with other performance metrics using the Retail Report “Compare Tool”, it can provide even deeper insights into a Centre’s performance

Social Media


Usually left to the marketing team or agency, social media is an often overlooked indicator of just how well a Shopping Centre is performing. While it is a fantastic marketing and sales medium, it also taps into the raw data about what your visitors think about your Shopping Centre. The Retail report "Senti-Rating" ™ service analyses every tweet and Facebook post 24 hours a day, automatically monitoring everything that is being said about your Centre. Better still, using pre-set thresholds it can automatically alert you using text, emails or even telephone calls when excessive negative sentiment is detected. Surveys show that people are far more likely to use social media to complain about bad service. Never before has it been so easy to really understand what visitors to a shopping Centre or business are thinking.



Knowing what has happened retrospectively is of course very important, but using this information to accurately predict what’s going to happen in the future is even more useful. Using our own unique and innovative algorithm’s, we can automatically and accurately forecast future performance, which allows our clients to forward plan and stay ahead of the competition. We are the market leader and collect data from virtually all UK shopping centres, and can offer you the best possible insights as to how your asset is performing.



To be able to truly understand a Centre’s performance, it is critical to compare your Centre’s performance to others, whether that be Regionally or Nationally. Our service collects a raft of generic performance data from Shopping Centres all over the UK and Europe, along with other key retail performance indicators. This includes year on year, like for like, and even down to category performance.



Nearly all retailers and Shopping Centres rely on accurate Footfall counting to gauge performance. The Retail Report service can integrate with most leading Footfall systems to automatically collect data at source. Data is then checked for accuracy and consistency. In the event of a figure being out of the expected range, an alert will be triggered so that the data can be checked and authenticated. Part of the automated verification process is to automatically compare the Footfall figures to other key data sets, including Footfall from the same day in the previous year, Car park numbers, weather, traffic & travel.


Car Park performance is closely linked to visitor numbers at a Centre, but obtaining data from the car park system can be challenging for Centre staff, and sometimes means going down to the car park and printing off physical reports. The Retail Report service integrates with most leading car park systems and automatically collects and analyzes data from the source. There are a host of useful performance monitors to be taken from a car park system, including Car numbers, Dwell Times, and Visitor Loyalty. Apart from physical numbers, it is important to monitor capacity and ascertain the busiest and quietest times. This enables you to optimize both the income as well as enhancing the visitor’s experience.

Apart from obtaining performance statistics, the Retail report service monitors other key indicators, such as Budget v Turnover. Automatic alerting also occurs when something irregular happens such as Unpaid Exits (Fraud Detection).


The Retail Report service includes a unique “Compare Tool”. This has the ability to compare performance retailer to retailer in the same category, either within the same Centre, or across an entire portfolio. The Compare Tool can be used to compare not just sales but just about any performance metric, such as Footfall, Car Parks, or even Utilities, to make sure that your Centre is performing well against its competitors.


Our interactive Map provides graphical indicators of the key performance areas in your centre. From Footfall Heatmaps, best to worst performing retailers, affordability or tenant viability, slips and trips, and even security incidents.

The collection and analysis of data is vital in understanding your asset, but being able to quickly understand and interpret the data you collect can be challenging. Our service uses graphical reporting and exception alerts to pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your attention. Our live interactive centre map is the most advanced solution on the market, and our large team of in-house developers along with our detailed knowledge of the industry makes it the preferred choice for centre management teams and landlords alike.


Even the best Shopping Centre Management team cannot account for some external forces, such as Weather, Traffic and Travel, or local events such as sports or concerts. The Retail Report service constantly monitors and records all such data inside the in-built Calendar, enabling the various stakeholders to see at a glance what could have attributed to a given variation in performance. Using pre-agreed thresholds, significant or exceptional events are flagged and recorded, and are displayed both in the Retail Report portal, but also within the performance reports. Whilst the on-site team may know that there had been a particular issue on the day it happened, it is much more challenging to remember historically. Our service takes the guessing away. Know for certain why Footfall, car park performance or sales were down or up on a particular day, with data leaping out of the page.


Gift Cards can provide incredible insights into shopper behaviour, especially as it breaks down sales performance to category level. The Retail Report service can integrate directly with the majority of gift card services to automatically collect data at source. Being able to show Gift Card data alongside basic sales data, Footfall and other performance related information provides incredible insights into shopper behaviour.


Being able to accurately record the various key pieces of information and dates is essential when running a Shopping Centre. Having one central reference point that accurately displays what happened on any given day enables the various stakeholders to not only see what has happened, but to actively plan into the future.


Any successful operation depends on good communications, and our comprehensive communication tool uses the latest technology to keep all stakeholders up to date and in touch. Communicate with all of your retailers or tenants at the touch of a button. Whether a general update, or in the event of a disaster using our Crisis Management tool. Create custom distribution groups for the various parties, such as Retailers, Suppliers, Management, Security etc. Also create groups depending on event type, such as Flood, Fire, Terror etc. And at the touch of a button automatically send out communications via Text SMS, automated telephone call or email.

Retailer communications have traditionally been challenging due to the transient nature of the retail sector. Our tool enables the security team to keep retailer information up to date using virtually any mobile tablet or telephone, and our dedicated retailer portal enables retailers to “Self-Serve” by incentivising them to use the service with access to valuable data and insights.



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