Retail and affordability reporting at its best
Retail Report is a retail sales and affordability reporting service that automatically and seamlessly collects data from a wide range of sources.
Retail and affordability at its best
Available on every device
Retail Report can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. It is designed for all devices from PCs to tablets and mobiles, and also allows you to create beautiful printed reports.
Available on every device
Forecast Your Asset's Performance
Our unique and innovative algorithms will predict how a portfolio, centre, or individual retailers will perform in the future.
Forecast Your Performance
Continual Development
Retail Report will not stand still – new modules and features are being constantly added and improved as the services evolves and we respond to your feedback.
Continual Development

Automatic Data Collection From Multiple Sources

Car Park Data


Automatically collect usage, turnover and other information from virtually any parking system.

Sales Data


Comprehensive sales reporting, with the most tenant friendly data collection service.

Footfall Data


Automatically collect data from most footfall providers, compare to local and national trends.

Weather Data


See how the local weather affects your shopping centre both now and in the past.

Marketing Data

Marketing Data

Plan and anaylse the results of marketing campaigns being ran in your centre.

Website Stats

Website Stats

Analyse website traffic, see where your website visitors come from, and integrate with marketing.

Wi-Fi Data

Wi-Fi Data

Automatically collect Wi-Fi data from service providers to analyse dwell times and repeat visitors.

Tenant Viability

Tenant Viability

Analyse and forecast the viability of tennants based on sales figures and trends.

Utilities Energy Efficiency

Social Media

Collate data from Facebook, Twitter and others for marketing and sentiment analysis.

...and much more

...and much more

Many additional data sources are also available, with more being added all the time More

“… I found the Retail Report to be a flexible and innovative multiplatform tool that assists me in my day to day task as a Centre Manager. The ability of having it work seamlessly on my desktop as well as my mobile device is invaluable and allows me a great flexibility and single point of data retrieval no matter where I am (my desk or a remote meeting). This coupled with its constantly evolving nature seems to me that is the way forward in our industry and the best use of technology to simplify our work load. …”

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