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Retail property & lease management software

Simplify daily operations, enhance the tenant experience and boost profitability

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Managing a complex, mixed-use asset portfolio? – No problem

Working with over 350 shopping centres, we understand how challenging the industry can be. Our retail property & lease management software is jam-packed with features to make life easier for managing agents, landlords, and owners. Run reports at the touch of a button, drill down on your best performing tenants and fill rental voids more quickly with an easy-to-use tenant management system.


Tenancy schedule

Hands on management of your rental contracts

Retail Report is a commercial leasing software solution with an in-built tenancy schedule. This provides an up to date, live real-time (single source of truth), enabling all of the key stakeholders to view and edit in real-time. You can see at a glance tenants’ lease terms, tenancy review intervals, occupational costs, rent, rates and most metrics relating to their tenancy. The Retail Report tenancy schedule also tracks lease terms and alerts when reviews or expiry are due.

Tenant management

Tenant customisation drives engagement

Their portal can be individually customised for each specific tenant or retailer to further engage them. This approach helps build that vital tenant and shopping centre management relationship. Retailers can also submit sales information, view trading history and ranking compared to their competitors within their category.

Easily share and update official documents & contracts

The portal includes a document management function. This enables landlords, management companies and centre management teams to share important information. Documents and bulletins can be shared with tenants, either singularly or on mass.

Tight management of your centre’s regulatory & compliance processes

The document management system records when documents have been read and provides alerts when they haven’t been read. This functionality is priceless for compliance purposes, for example acknowledging health and safety documents or fire risk assessments.

Your tenants’ information – all in one place & easy to update

The dedicated retailer portal is part of the wider Retail Report tenant management system. It includes key information such as full contact information, job roles and keyholder details. This information pulls into the Retail Report “crisis management” service. This plays a vital role in maintaining communications during emergencies and incidents.

Each retailer has a unique account within Retail Report. Key information about each retailer is recorded including keyholders, managers, opening times and trading performance. Most of the information is captured automatically saving your management team’s valuable time. Retail store teams can be transient, so keeping tabs on the comings and goings is very simple in the Retail Report portal.


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Unit management

Streamline your admin, store key information centrally

Reduce your reliance on Excel spreadsheets. Retail Report has feature-rich unit management capabilities, which automatically record all information and events relating to your units. Each unit is accurately mapped, with details recorded in real-time. This provides a precise and detailed timeline for each unit, enabling all stakeholders to make informed decisions when evaluating your tenant’s viability.  Our retail property & lease management software includes a comprehensive document management system. You can centrally manage the compliance status of each unit, including fire risk assessments, EPC certificates, or other in-centre announcements.

The information that’s recorded includes:

  • Tenant information
  • Location
  • Business rates bracket
  • Service charges
  • Leasing
  • Size (sq ft or sq m)
  • Location
  • EPC
  • GOADs
  • And many more

Tenant sentiment & feedback

Gain valuable feedback, understand exactly how to improve

The relationship between tenant and landlord is changing. Tenants are increasingly treated more like customers who expect a comprehensive service rather than simply rent payers.

Gaining tangible feedback from tenants is key to understanding how to drive your centres’ performance and improve your service. This enables you to support your tenants and help them flourish in today’s challenging environment.

Our retail property & lease management software regularly gathers their feedback allowing you to analyse your customer sentiment data and drive improvements to your service.

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  • Enhance tenant performance with actionable insights
  • Secure & robust infrastructure

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