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Retail sales data collection

Drive performance and increase the value of your shopping mall with data-driven insights. Retail Report offers multiple ways to collect sales data, maximising submission rates and the accuracy of your reporting.

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Streamline your sales collection processes

We understand how challenging it can be to collect sales data from your tenants. Our retail sales data collection solution takes the pressure off your on-site teams so they can focus on what matters most. Retail Report simplifies sales data collection, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling better decision-making.


  • Premium sales collection service
  • Automated telephone calls
  • Automated text messages
  • Automated emails
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Self-serve retailer portal
  • Manual entry by management team

Average submission rates


Before using retail report


After using retail report


Retail sales reporting

Visualise all your sales data in one centralised platform

Retail Report streamlines the process of generating sales performance reports, saving you time and effort. Simplify retail sales reporting with easy-to-understand reports, accurate and concise data, and customisable dashboards.

It’s never been easier to monitor and manage your shopping mall’s performance.

  • View sales data alongside other key performance metrics such as footfall and car park figures
  • See how your promotional events impact sales to prove your marketing ROI
  • Group your tenants into categories and zero in on the best performing type of retailer
  • Identify potential issues early on, enabling proactive measures to be taken

Automated collection

Save time and effort with automation

By automating sales data collection your busy on-site teams can streamline their workload and save time. Retail Report does everything for you so you don’t need to lift a finger.​ It’s quick and easy to set up the automated process and it can be configured to meet your business needs.​

You can maximise submission rates by sending out reminders at the touch of a button. Retail Report improves submission rates by up to 43% to ensure you have the best insight into your shopping mall’s performance.

  • Automated calls
  • Automated texts
  • Automated emails

Premium collection service

Enhance your sales collection to maximise your submissions

Retail Report goes over and above to ensure all your sales data is collected, giving you a complete and accurate overview of your shopping mall’s performance.

Our premium collection service complements the automated system with a dedicated team of specially trained advisors ready to help. They’ll forge relationships with your retail tenants and work directly with them to collect their sales data.

39% of our premium clients have a 100% submission rate. Improving your submission rate gives you better data for strategic decision-making that drives performance.

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Retailer portal

Empower your tenants to submit their own sales figures

Retail Report provides each tenant with a dedicated portal where they can submit their sales figures. This is much more convenient, allowing them to submit their figures whenever their store is a little less busy.

Persuading tenants to provide sales figures can be challenging, but the retailer portal is a great incentive. Not only can they use it to submit their sales figures, but they can view their store’s performance data and more.

  • Shopping mall performance data
  • Store performance data
  • Sales, footfall and car park data
  • Shopping mall events
  • Shared documents

Your Tenants can access:

  • Centre performance data
  • Store performance data
  • Sales, footfall, and car park data
  • Centre events
  • Shared documents

Manual collection

Submit sales figures with ease

With Retail Report, your shopping mall management team still has full control over the sales data. They can manually add sales figures on behalf of retailers, edit the data, and analyse it. Retail Report helps busy on-site teams to work more efficiently and productively. We make it easy for them to submit sales data anywhere, anytime, on any device.


We’ve been very pleased with the sales collection service we receive from Retail Report. The majority of tenant sales data is collected via automated emails, and the Retail Report team call the remaining stores on Monday mornings and efficiently gather the remaining sales data.

This saves the on-site team here so much time, allowing us to focus on other areas. We’ve received very good feedback from our retailers who find the team friendly and helpful.

Lauren Sapsed

Retail Liaison Manager, Grand Arcade

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  • Effortless sales data collection
  • All your data under one platform
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Easy integration with leading retail apps

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