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It can be difficult to get retailers to provide their sales data, which is why we offer many ways for a retailer to submit their information, using our automated collection services. Each retailer also has access to their own unique cloud based web portal that gives them insights into the centre and their own performance through footfall, sales and car park data, alongside information such as weather, traffic, travel and retail news from their sector.



A raft of in-built tools allows you to manage each Retailer's dependencies and staff. Monitor the performance of all your units from one single cloud dashboard.



Alongside providing you with invaluable insights into every Retailer, it can be useful for them to monitor their own performance with their own RetailReport dashboard. Data and systems are monitored 24/7, from on-site to online, keeping tabs on your centre around the clock



Centre Managers and Retailers can receive automatic alerts when any of their data falls out of the expected range. For example, if footfall numbers are low or sales are down, you can be notified immediately.



Reports are automatically generated and distributed using our bespoke algorithms, meaning you haven't got to manually create them and send them out. These automatically created reports replace the need for multiple spreadsheets and can be scheduled to be sent out to various stakeholders at any time.



Data is shaped automatically using our unique and bespoke algorithms, providing incredible insights and transparency. Beautifully crafted reports are automatically created, replacing multiple spreadsheets