Sales Data Collection

The most comprehensive sales data collection service available

Obtaining accurate retailer sales data is essential for monitoring Shopping Centre performance. The Retail Report service offers the most comprehensive automated sales data collection service available. This includes sales data collection via automated telephone calls, text messages and emails, as well as a dedicated Cloud based retailer portal.

Sales Data Collection

Automated Texts & Calls

Scheduled text messages or calls sent to retailers via the Retail Report Cloud based tenant communication service


Automated Emails

Automated emails are sent at pre-agreed times, with a one-time clickable secure link


Retailer Portal

It helps to have incentives. The Retail Report portal provides a wealth of useful information


Automated Text Messages & Telephone Calls

Scheduled text messages or calls sent to retailers via the Retail Report Cloud based tenant communication service. An intelligent and interactive service which works around each retailer's specific requirements, to contact tenants at the most convenient times, with built-in "snooze" and reminders.Text messaging works well at busy periods as the tenant can choose to respond and submit data at a time to suit them. The automated telephone calls are more suitable in circumstances where store personnel are not permitted to have access to the internet or emails, as the store landline number can be used.

Automated Emails

Similar to the texts and calls, emails are sent automatically at pre-agreed times, with a one-time clickable secure link, with no necessity to login, making it as easy and seamless as possible for retailers to submit sales performance data.

Retailer or Tenant Portal

Unless a requirement of the Lease, persuading retailers to provide trading information can be challenging. So, it helps to have incentives such as our dedicated portal which provides tenants with access to a wealth of useful information, not just about the performance of the Centre, but also their own store and category performance, plus a host of other related information from a multitude of sources such as social media, online feeds and local events, to name but a few. The portal can also be customised for each specific tenant or retailer to engage further and to help build that vital tenant and Centre Management relationship. Retailers can also submit sales information, view trading history and ranking compared to their competitors within their category.

The portal also has a document management utility, enabling Landlords, Management Companies and Centre Management teams to share important documents and bulletins with the tenants, either singularly or on mass. It logs when documents have been read and can even alert when they haven’t been, making it great for compliance with Fire Risk Assessments, etc.

The dedicated portal is part of the wider Retail Report tenant management system, so includes key information such as job roles and key holder details, which in turn links to the Retail Report "Crisis Management" service, which plays a vital role in maintaining communications during emergencies and incidents.

Manual Collection

The relationship between tenants and Management teams is pivotal in obtaining sales performance data


Premium Collection Service

We appreciate that even the most comprehensive automated tool can still be enhanced by the human touch


Manual Collection by Centre Management Staff

Irrespective of our automated sales data collection service, the relationship between tenants and Centre Management teams is pivotal in obtaining a high percentage of sales performance data. We understand that there needs to be a collaborative approach of which our service plays a significant role, but there may still be tenants who need that additional encouragement that perhaps only a member of the on-site team can provide. Therefore, sales data can be entered be any authorised member of staff using virtually any device.

Once configured, our automated service manages the whole process and can alert the Centre Management teams or other specified stakeholders if data hasn’t been collected within a set time period. Our unique algorithms also analyse the data submitted, checking for accuracy and consistency, and will even query at the point of entry if any figure is outside the expected range.

Premium Data Collection Service

Our automated sales data collection service is the most comprehensive available. However, we appreciate that even the most comprehensive and automated tool can still be enhanced by the human touch, and we also understand how busy Centre Management teams can be. Enter the RetailReport premium sales collection service. Our dedicated team of specially trained and experienced advisors contact retailers by telephone either weekly or monthly and collect sales information manually. They work to forge a relationship with retailers and promote the use of our free dedicated Retailer portal, which provides retailers with valuable insights and access to various data feeds.

Our premium sales data collection service works in unison with the onsite Centre Management to become an extension of the in-house team. Working in partnership is essential for collecting the highest possible percentage of retailer sales data.


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