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When managing a shopping centre, the amount of admin involved can be overwhelming. Manual data collection and input into spreadsheets is not only time consuming, but extremely limiting. RetailReport was created to enable Centre Managers to manage their centre as effectively and efficiently as possible.



Manage your centre to the highest standard with RetailReport's range of in-built tools. Automatically receive alerts and updates on the status of your units and oversee all aspects of your centre.



RetailReport monitors your shopping centre 24/7, both on-site and online, allowing you to always be in control and up to date on your centre's performance, all from one cloud dashboard, available on any device.



Receive automatic alerts whenever something falls out of the expected range, keeping you on top of your centre at all times. Alerts can be triggered by social media, footfall, sales data, car parking and many other KPIs.



Automatically generated reports are invaluable when it comes to saving time. These completely customisable reports can be sent directly to various stakeholders, providing incredible insights into your centre.



RetailReport automatically and accurately forecasts the future performance of your centre and retailers with our unique algorithms, which allow you to plan accordingly and stay ahead of the competition.